Yokogawa 7563 Digital Thermometer with GPIB interface

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Yokogawa 7563 Digital Thermometer

The Yokogawa 7563 is a Digital Thermometer featured with a 16 range of temperature sensors. This model comes with additional measuring functions of DC V and Ω. The Yokogawa 7563 uses an original transistor temperature sensor, which is connected to the reference junction compensation circuit. Thus, it is designed to operate with a compensation accuracy of ±0.2°C.

This model comes with input terminals on both front and rear panels – either one of them can be selected. The read one has an isothermal structure, which is equipped with a one-touch windbreak cover. In resistance and DC V measurement, this model provides the resolution of 100 nV and 100 μΩ with high stability. For the study of biometeorology where precise and rapid measurement is required, this model is ideal, since it features a high-speed sampling rate up to 10 ms.

The Yokogawa 7563 includes four types of RTD`s and 12 types of TC`s. Thus, it can be used in numerous applications. It also features an external RJC (reference junction compensation), so the user can use any temperature as a reference, including Au (f), H2O (t), Ga (m), He (v), etc. Its adjustment range covers complete temperature ranges of 12 TCs (thermocouples) with 0.1 ÌŠF resolution.

The Yokogawa 7563 comes with an integrated GP-IB Communication Interface. It's a bidirectional communication provision which supports the system use. With this interface, the user can remotely control all the functions which are executed by panel key operation by employing a host computer.


Technical Specifications

Model 7563
Manufacturer Yokogawa
Type Digital Thermometer
Sampling Interval 10 ms to 60 min
Interface GPIB
Weight 6.6 lbs.
DImensions 8-3/8 × 3-1/2 × 13-15/16"
Warranty One Year Warranty
7563 Manual User Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download
Price Contact a sales representative for a quote.