8560E – Agilent

The 8560E is a Portable Spectrum Analyzer by Agilent. This model has  an operating temperature of -10 to +55 degrees C and a five minute warm-up time.

Product Description

Item #: 8560E
Manufacturer: Agilent
Series: 8560xE/EC

8560E by Agilent is a Portable Spectrum Analyzer in the 8560xE/EC series. 8560E features a Frequency Range of 30 Hz to 2.9 GHz and an RF input Connector of Type N female.

The Agilent 8560E is a Portable Spectrum Analyzer with a frequency range from 30 Hz to 2.9 GHz. This model has measurement personalities for phase noise and digital radio measurements. The 8560E Portable Spectrum Analyzer has a resolution bandwidth options of 1, 3, 10, 30, and 100 Hz. The operating temperature range is from -10 to +55 degrees C; the warm-up time for the instrument is five minutes. This Agilent Portable Spectrum Analyzer can endure tough environments with its durable design.

Standard measurements on the 8560E include: channel power, adjacent channel power, time-gated measurements, occupied bandwidth percentage, and carrier power. The Agilent 8560E has a monochrome CRT display. The focus and intensity of the display can be changed by the user as necessary. Additionally, there is a high-voltage module (HVM), which can be found in the power supply. The HVM provides power to the CRT. This model also has a coupling AC DC function. The access key for this function is amplitude. The coupling AC DC function will choose ac or dc coupling to the input. Ac coupling shields the input of the analyzer from harmful dc signals. If dc coupling is chosen instead, a C will show up on the left side of the display screen.

The 8560E Portable Spectrum Analyzer has various options available, which can be added upon purchase. One of these options is FADC (Option 7), which is initiated via the A16 FADC board. The FADC option allows the user to see displays with quick sweep times, in the range of 30 ms and 50 μs.


 Manufacturer Agilent
Model 8560E
Series 8560xE/EC
Type Portable Spectrum Analyzer
Frequency Range 30 Hz to 2.9 GHz
RF input Connector Type N female
Dimensions 7.48 in x 13.34 in x 18.44 in
Weight 44 lbs.
Maximum Power Dissipation 180 W
Display CRT monochrome
Option 1 Second IF output
Option 2 Built-in tracking generator
Option 5 Alternate sweep output (not available with Option 2 or 327).
Option 7 Fast time domain sweeps
Option 8 Signal identification (not available with Option 327)
Option 103 Delete precision frequency reference
Option 104 Delete mass memory module
Option 327 Delete IF input and video output