Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope with 2 analog channels

Product Description

Tektronix DPO2002B Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

The Tektronix Mixed Signal Oscilloscope DPO2002B model has 70 MHz, 2-Channel, 1GS/s sample rate, and offers a strong arrangement of highlights to speed each phase of troubleshooting the user’s design behavior. Acquiring data and estimations from the DPO2002B is as basic as interfacing a USB cable from the oscilloscope to a PC. Key software applications like OpenChoice Desktop, Microsoft Excel, and Word toolbars are incorporated as standard with every oscilloscope to empower quick and easy direct communications with a Windows PC.

The TekVPI probe interface included on the Tektronix DPO2002B sets the standard for convenience in examining. TekVPI probes include status pointers and controls, and in addition, a probe menu button on the comp box itself. This fasten expedites a probe menu on the oscilloscope display with every important setting and control for the probe. TekVPI probes can be controlled remotely through USB, GPIB, or Ethernet, empowering more adaptable arrangements in ATE environments.

 A reduced, compact frame factor permits the DPO2002B to be effectively moved amongst labs and, with a profundity of only 5.3 inches (134 mm), it saves the user significant space on their test bench. The DPO2002B has a 7-inch (180 mm) widescreen, TFT LCD display for seeing unpredictable signal points of interest. The per-channel vertical controls offer straightforward and natural activity. The user will not have to share one set of vertical controls over every one of the four channels.

If you are interested in this model and you want to learn more about its options, specifications, and features, you can read its manual, which is available on the ApexWaves.com website.


Technical Specifications

Model DPO2002B
Manufacturer Tektronix
Series DPO2000B
Type Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
Bandwidth 70 MHz
Rise Time 5 ns
Sample Rate 1 GS/s
Warranty One Year Warranty
DPO2002B Manual User Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download
Price Contact a sales representative for a quote.