Fluke 1550B

Fluke 1550B MegOhmMeter/Insulation Tester with digital/analog LCD

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Product Description

Fluke 1550B MegOhmMeter/Insulation Tester

The Fluke 1550B is a battery operated, Digital MegOhmMeter/Insulation Tester capable of testing motors, generators, switchgear, and cables up to 5000 Volts DC. The Fluke 1550B is a viable solution for a broad range of tests from breakdown tests to spot checks and timed tests. PC interface software and measurement storage make this model an ideal choice for preventive maintenance as well. The Fluke 1550B is offered with alligator clips, heavy-duty leads, and probes. Every accessory can easily be carried in the custom carrying case for a rugged and practical field testing kit.

The standard or predefined test voltages for this model are 50, 500, 1000, 2500, and 5000 Volts. However, the user can proceed with additional test voltages from 250 to 1000 Volts in 50-volt steps and from 1000 to 5000 volts in 100-volt steps. With this model, the user can measure up to 1 Tera-Ohm maximum. The Fluke 1550B has a warning voltage function, which alerts the operator that line voltage is available. The live current indicator can read 30 to 600 VAC or VDC voltage reading. During high resistance measurements, the guard system of this Digital MegOhmMeter eradicates the unwanted influence of surface leakage current.

This model can also be utilized for the measurement of cable or insulation capacitance. The Fluke 1550B is designed to operate at a charging rate of 5 seconds per μF for capacitive loading. This instrument`s short circuit current is >1 mA and <2 mA, while the leakage current range is 1 mA to 2 mA. To download data to a Windows-based PC, this MegOhmMeter comes with an optical interface cable and required software programs.


Technical Specifications

Model Fluke 1550B
Manufacturer Fluke
Type MegOhmMeter/Insulation Tester
Test Voltages 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V, and 5000 V
Display Digital/Analog LCD
Enclosure Sealing IP-40
Weight 8.8 lbs. with batteries
Warranty One Year Warranty
Fluke 1550B Manual User Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download
Price Contact a sales representative for a quote.