Fluke 1735

Fluke 1735 Three-Phase Power Quality Logger with VGA Graphic Color display

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Product Description

Fluke 1735 Three-Phase Power Quality Logger

The Fluke 1735 Power Logger is ideal for electrical installers and plant electricians, who are investigating and solving issues of the power distribution system. This Three-Phase Power Quality Logger allows the user to perform voltage, power, and current studies for deciding present loads. The Fluke 1735 can also be utilized to uncover the quality of voltage supply at in a distribution network. The display on this model is a ¼ VGA with further background lighting and the option to alter the graphics, text, and contrast. Four MB of Flash memory is available, with 3.5 MB for measuring information.

With the use of the Fluke 1735 Power Logger, power and relevant settings can be saved for a maximum of 45 days. The record/measure feature allows the user to either begin logging or return to the measuring mode. Then, the highest recording time will be specified and can be modified by the user with the cursor. While in the logging mode, the Fluke 1735 will record: accumulated values, cos phi, active power, distortion power, power factor, reactive power, and apparent power.

Another feature of this model is that harmonic distortion produced by electronic loads can be measured. This model is dependable, since it has the capability to capture voltage dips and swells caused by load switching. The Fluke 1735 Three-Phase Power Quality Logger is a minimal size, with a durable structure built to withstand rough field use. All three phases can be measured with the four versatile current probes included.


Technical Specifications

Model Fluke 1735
Manufacturer Fluke
Type Three-Phase Power Quality Logger
Display ¼ VGA Graphic Color
Memory 4 MB Flash memory, 3.5 MB for measuring data
Sample Rate 10.24 kHz
Line Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz, user-selectable
Warranty One Year Warranty
Fluke 1735 Manual User Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download
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