Fluke Ti45

Fluke Ti45 Infrared Camera with 2x IR digital zoom

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Product Description

Fluke Ti45 Infrared Camera

The Fluke Ti45 IR FlexCam utilizes a detector with 160 x 120 resolution. This infrared camera can be operated in various types of applications, such as: preventive maintenance for electrical systems, mechanical systems, and utilities, roofing, developing envelope, discovering moisture, process monitoring, and research and development. Valuable features like the visible light camera module or VLCM and IR-Fusion technology ensure that it is simple for the user to combine visible light pictures and infrared pictures to produce one picture with greater detail. This feature is useful in low contrast settings where the temperature discrepancy is low and the infrared picture seems to be a single color.

The Fluke Ti45 Infrared Camera comes with a CD for SmartView software, which can be installed on the user’s PC. When used with the Infrared Camera, SmartView software permits the user to move thermographic pictures to a computer. The user can also assess infrared and visible light control pictures, as well as produce and print informative, professional reports with pertinent picture information. SmartView software will work with any computer if it is using Microsoft Windows 2000/XPX/Vista (32 bit).

The Fluke Ti45 Camera is small with a minimal weight, which allows the user to transport it effortlessly. This model has an adequate five-inch display screen to easily view images clearly. The Fluke Ti45 can be set up for desktop assessment without difficulty. This Infrared Camera can even be mounted on a regular tripod to watch one location for an extended period.


Technical Specifications

Model Fluke Ti45
Manufacturer Fluke
Series Ti4x Series
Type Infrared Camera
Minimum Focus Distance 0.15 m
IR Digital Zoom 2x
Spectral Band 8 µm to 14 µm
Warranty One Year Warranty
Fluke Ti45 Manual User Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download
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