Fluke Ti55

Fluke Ti55 Infrared Camera with 5 in. LCD

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Product Description

Fluke Ti55 Infrared Camera

The Fluke Ti55 is a 20 x 240 resolution Thermal Imaging Camera with IR-Fusion® Technology. This model is designed to operate within a broad temperature range from -4° to 112°F and with ≤ 0.05°C thermal sensitivity. The Fluke Ti55 is an ideal solution for mechanical and electrical applications, predictive and preventive maintenance, process monitoring, power/utilities, and R&D applications. This Infrared Camera comes equipped with an innovative 180° articulating lens. Thus, it is capable of viewing images in areas with poor accessibility.

To make it easier for the user to obtain a clear and steady picture, this Thermal Imaging Camera has a SmartFocus Wheel. The AutoCapture function captures images automatically when a certain temperature limit is surpassed. The Fluke Ti55 has a 5" large, high-resolution digital display with a sunlight readable LCD backlight. This model offers storage for more than 1000 IR images on its compact flash card. This model can also generate exportable BMP, PNG, PCX, JPEG, PSD, etc. The Ti55 uses a field-replaceable, rechargeable Li-Ion smart battery. With its cells fully charged, this camera offers around three hours of continuous operation.

For direct AC operation, the Fluke Ti55 is offered with a 110/220 VAC adaptor. This Thermal Imaging Camera can be operated in several different measurement modes, such as moveable spots, isotherms, center box, centerpoint, etc. As far as the FOV (thermal field of view) of the Fluke Ti55 is concerned, it has 23° x 17° FOV. The detector installed in this camera is a Vanadium Oxide microbolometer with a micron pitch of 25 microns.


Technical Specifications

Model Fluke Ti55
Manufacturer Fluke
Series Ti5x Series
Type Thermal Imager/Infrared Camera
Thermal FOV 20 mm lens 23° x 17° FOV 10.5 mm lens 42° x 32° 54 mm lens 9° x 6°
Spatial Resolution 1.30 mrad
Display 5 in. LCD
Warranty One Year Warranty
Fluke Ti55 Manual User Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download
Price Contact a sales representative for a quote.