FP-1601 – National Instruments

The FP-1601 by National Instruments is anĀ Ethernet Interface in the FieldPoint series. The FP-1601 features a Network Interface of 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet and an Operating System of Windows 2000.

Product Description

Part #: FP-1601

Manufacturer: National Instruments
Series: FieldPoint


The FP-1601 is a high-performance Ethernet Interface from National Instruments, which enables the user to interface with I/O modules in FieldPoint. The NI FP-1601 Ethernet Interface for FieldPoint has the part number 777792-01. This Ethernet Interface can communicate at a data rate of 100 MB per second. The FP 1601 incorporates a communication functionality that is driven based on events. The NI FP-1601 also offers high throughput. This interface comes with auto diagnostic and configuration capabilities, which simplifies the operational procedures for users.

The NI FP-1601 Ethernet Interface for FieldPoint is a PC-based interface for Ethernet networks. The instrument implements schemes for IP filtration and password protection. This FieldPoint Ethernet Interface also has a separate bus for each input and output module. The FP-1601 also includes redundant power supplies.



Manufacturer National Instruments
Part Numbers FP-1601 and 777792-01
Series FieldPoint
Type Ethernet Interface for FieldPoint
Network Interface 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet
Operating System Windows 2000
Communication Rates 10 Mb/s and 100 Mb/s
Power Requirement 20 W
Weight 235 g.
I/O modules per bank 9