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The PCI-1408 by National Instruments is an IMAQ Device. The NI PCI-1408 features an RS-170/NTSC of 60 Hz (Interlaced mode: 60 fields/s) and a CCIR/PAL of 50 Hz (Interlaced mode: 50 fields/s).

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Item #: PCI-1408

Manufacturer: National Instruments
Series: PCI Series


The PCI-1408 is an Image Acquisition (IMAQ) Device. The PCI-1408 is made by National Instruments. The NI PCI-1408 has part number 777361-01. The PCI-1408 has an official cycle status of “obsolete” as declared by National Instruments. The NI PCI-1408 uses NI-IMAQ driver software for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The NI PCI-1408 is designed for industrial and scientific industries due to its high accuracy and low cost. The PCI-1408 is fabricated for PCI chassis that comply with NTSC, PAL, CCIR, and RS-170 video protocols. The NI PCI-1408 is modeled to provide four input video sources, along with 4 external input/output lines which are utilized as digital I/O lines and triggers.



Manufacturer National Instruments
Part Numbers PCI-1408, 777361-01
Series PCI Series
Type IMAQ Device
RS-170/NTSC 60 Hz (Interlaced mode: 60 fields/s)
CCIR/PAL 50 Hz (Interlaced mode: 50 fields/s)
Input Impedance 75 Ω
ADC Sampling Rate 3 to 20 MHz, externally clocked
Trigger Sense TTL
Data Path 32-bits