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The NI PCI-MIO-16XE-50 by National Instruments is a Multifunction Device. The PCI-MIO-16XE-50 features 16 single-ended, or 8 differential (software-selectable per channel) input channels and a successive approximation input ADC.

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Item #: PCI-MIO-16XE-50

Manufacturer: National Instruments
Series: PCI Series


The PCI-MIO-16XE-50 is a Multifunction Device. The PCI-MIO-16XE-50 is produced by National Instruments. The NI PCI-MIO-16XE-50 is available with part number 777385-01. The name of the PCI-MIO-16XE-50 has been replaced with PCI-6011E by National Instruments. The PCI-MIO-16XE-50 is operated on Windows using the NI-DAQmx driver and LabWindows.

The PCI-MIO-16XE-50 enhances voltage measurement capabilities with the SCXI signal conditioning performance of E Series devices. The NI PCI-MIO-16XE-50 provides rigorous 16-bit measurements, making the device applicable for a large number of applications. The PCI-MIO-16XE-50 contains 16 SE analog input channels or 8 differential channels. NI hardware, flexible OS, ADE and application software are required.



Manufacturer National Instruments
Part Numbers PCI-MIO-16XE-50, PCI-6011E, 777385-01
Series PCI Series
Type Multifunction Device
Number of Input Channels 16 single-ended, or 8 differential (software-selectable per channel)
Input ADC Type Successive approximation
Input/Output Coupling DC
FIFO Buffer Size 2,048 samples
Slew Rate 2 V/us
Settling Time 50 us to ┬▒0.5 LSB