PCI-MXI-2 – National Instruments

The NI PCI-MXI-2 by National Instruments is a Plug-in Circuit Board. The PCI-MXI-2 features a Memory Space of 32 KB minimum, programmable and a single fully implemented MXI-2 connector.

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Product Description

Item #: PCI-MXI-2

Manufacturer: National Instruments
Series: PCI Series


The PCI-MXI-2 is a Plug-in Circuit Board. The PCI-MXI-2 is designed by National Instruments. The NI PCI-MXI-2 has part number 777185-01. The PCI-MXI-2 has been configured for interfacing the PCI-bus to the MXI-bus (32-bit Multisystem eXtension Interface). The PCI-MXI-2 is operated with NI VXI bus interface software on Windows operating systems.

The PCI-MXI-2 has the ability to handle directly TTL triggers, utility signals, MXI-bus interrupt levels, and CLK-10 and can be used as an MXI-bus System Controller. The NI PCI-MXI-2 is compatible with PCI specification 2.0 and MXI-bus specification 2.0. The PCI-MXI-2 provides promising data throughput by defining new protocols. The NI PCI-MXI-2 also shows support for MXI-bus termination.



Manufacturer National Instruments
Part Numbers PCI-MXI-2, 777185-01
Series PCI Series
Type Plug-in Circuit Board
Memory Space 32 KB minimum, programmable
Connector Single fully implemented MXI-2
MXI Transfer Rate Peak – 33 MB/s; Sustained – 23 MB/s
Card Voltage Type 5 V only; 32-bit half-size card
Data Path 32 Bits
PCI Interrupts Interrupts passed on INTA# signal