PCI-Servo-4A – National Instruments

The PCI-Servo-4A by National Instruments is a Servo Controller. The NI PCI-Servo-4A features 4 Axes and a Maximum Encoder Frequency of 750 kHz.

Product Description

Item #: PCI-Servo-4A

Manufacturer: National Instruments
Series: PCI Series


The PCI-Servo-4A is a 4-axis Servo Controller Device. The PCI-Servo-4A is developed by National Instruments. The PCI-Servo-4A contains NI nuDrive, a full power amplifier and system interface which is used with independent servo motion control up to 4 axes.

The NI PCI-Servo-4A board is designed for fully programmable motion control with a maximum of four independent motor axes, auxiliary I/O for home switches, and for general purpose functions.



Manufacturer National Instruments
Part Number PCI-Servo-4A
Series PCI Series
Type Servo Controller
Axes 4
Maximum Encoder Frequency 750 kHz
Servo Analog Output Voltage ± 10 V (typical); ± 9.5 V (minimum)
Servo Analog Output Current ± 5 mA (typical); ± 40 mA (short-circuit)
PCI Dimensions 12.3 by 3.9 in.
PXI Connector 68-pin male SCSI-II type