PCI-Step-4CX – National Instruments

The PCI-Step-4CX by National Instruments is a Closed-Loop Stepper Controller. The NI PCI-Step-4CX features 4 Axes and a Stepper Input Low Voltage of 0.8 V.

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Item #: PCI-Step-4CX

Manufacturer: National Instruments
Series: PCI Series


The PCI-Step-4CX is a 4-Axis Closed Loop Stepper Motor Controller. The PCI-Step-4CX is designed by National Instruments. The part number of the NI PCI-Step-4CX is 777615-04. The PCI-Step-4CX features NI nuDrive that acts as a robust amplifier and can be utilized with independent 4-axis servo motion control. The NI PCI-Step-4CX is ideal for industrial and lab requirements.

The PCI-Step-4CX is a controller for stepper motors. The NI PCI-Step-4CX operates in closed-loop or open mode. The PCI-Step-4CX utilizes quadrature encoders. These encoders are mainly used in motion and velocity applications. The NI PCI-Step-4CX is used for clockwise and counter-clockwise digital output directions. The PCI-Step-4CX can be operated with stepping applications ranging from micro-stepping to full-stepping.



Manufacturer National Instruments
Part Numbers PCI-Step-4CX, 777615-04
Series PCI Series
Type Closed-Loop Stepper Controller
Axes 4
Stepper Input Low Voltage 0.8 V
Stepper Input High Voltage 2 V
Analog Input Resolution 8-bits
Power Consumption 6 W
Main I/O Connector 68-pin male SCSI-II type (PXI)