SDA5000 – Teledyne LeCroy

The Teledyne LeCroy SDA 5000 has 6 ps peak to peak jitter and weighs 39 lbs.

Product Description

Item #: SDA 5000

Manufacturer: Teledyne LeCroy
Series: SDA

SDA5000 by Teledyne LeCroy is a Serial Data Analyzer in the SDA series. SDA5000 features 4 channels and a bandwidth of 5.0 GHz.

The SDA 5000 Serial Data Analyzer manufactured by Teledyne LeCroy comes equipped with the following beneficial features: steady, repeatable outcomes, signal integrity measurements, powerful advanced waveform assessment, precise jitter assessment, and more. All these valuable assessment capabilities typically involve two or three analyzers, ensuring the SDA 5000 is a great value for the cost. This Serial Data Analyzer can be used to assess the physical layer details of electrical and optical serial data signals. This model utilizes a numerical PLL to obtain a reference clock from the waveform that was caught. This technique eradicates trigger jitter with the result of the cleanest eye patterns. Furthermore, the SDA 5000 and other models in its series produce a mere 6 ps of peak to peak jitter, which is seven times cleaner than other clock recovery devices.

Since characterizing jitter is imperative to serial data signal measurements, the SDA 5000 is the best choice with its comprehensive clock and timing jitter limitations and time interval error (TIE) measurements. TIE measurements can be accomplished with a numerical phase locked loop originated from the information waveform as the reference clock. The jitter measurements available on the Teledyne LeCroy SDA 5000 include: random, deterministic, and total jitter. Also, deterministic jitter is broken down into its parts of intermittent jitter and jitter reliant on information. Information reliant jitter is assessed by a powerful algorithm, which displays a direct look at the eye pattern with only the effects of information reliant jitter. The user can look at the influence of separate bit patterns, which permits the assessment of certain issues reliant on information.


Manufacturer Teledyne LeCroy
Part Number SDA 5000
Series SDA
Type Serial Data Analyzer
Channels 4
Bandwidth 5.0 GHz
Sample Rate 20 GS/s maximum for 2 channels, 10 GS/s per channel
Weight 39 lbs.
Display 10.4 inch Color
Rise Time 90 ps