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The NI VME-MXI-2 by National Instruments is a VMEbus Extender. The VME-MXI-2 features A16 Space of 64 B and DC Current Sources of 2.2 A at +5 VDC (Typical); 3.2 A at +5 VDC (Maximum).

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Item #: VME-MXI-2

Manufacturer: National Instruments
Series: VME Series


The VME-MXI-2 is a VMEbus Extender by National Instruments. The NI VME-MXI-2 has the part number 777178-01. The VME-MXI-2 contains the MXI-bus, which comes with a general purpose, 32-bit multi-master system on a cable bus. The VME-MXI-2 expands the VME-bus via MXI-2, which is the second generation MXI-bus (Multisystem eXtension Interface bus).

The NI VME-MXI-2 utilizes address mapping for translating transparent bus cycles located on the VME-bus to the MXI-bus. The VME-MXI-2 offers multiple VME-bus architectures to utilize as a single module. The NI VME-MXI-2 contains two independent DMA controllers for data transfers without modifying interrupt levels and utility signals to the MXI-bus.



Manufacturer National Instruments
Part Numbers VME-MXI-2, 777243-01
Series VME Series
Type VMEbus Extender
A16 Space 64 B
DC Current Sources 2.2 A at +5 VDC (Typical); 3.2 A at +5 VDC (Maximum)
VME Transfer Rate 33 MB/s (Peak); 23 MB/s (Sustained)
EMI FCC Class A Verified
MTBF 97,000 hours at 25° C
Connector Single fully implemented MXI-2 bus connector