MT8213E – Anritsu

The Anritsu MT8213E is a Base Station Analyzer in the Cell Master Series. This model has an 8.4 in. display and a three hour battery life.

Product Description

Item #: MT8213E
Manufacturer: Anritsu
Series: Cell Master

MT8213E by Anritsu is a Base Station Analyzer in the Cell Master series. MT8213E features Frequency Range of 9 kHz to 6 GHz, and a Dynamic Range of >102 dB.

The Anritsu MT8213E Cell Master Base Station Analyzer is ideal for cable and antenna analysis, spectrum analysis, and power meter measurements in the field. This Base Station Analyzer includes a power meter, spectrum analyzer, and cable and antenna analyzer. The MT8213E has many useful features, which make it the best option for field use, such as: the three hour battery life, the small size and minimal weight, the various functions that eradicate the necessity of carrying more than one instrument, and the sizable 8.4 inch, touchscreen display which is viewable in daylight.

The Anritsu MT8213E cable and antenna analyzer makes measurements and assessing test results simple. The model has a high RF immunity for assessing in difficult RF atmospheres. The high power output tests tower-top parts without having to ascend the tower. GPS tagging of information allows the location of tests to be confirmed. FlexCal eradicates the necessity to recalibrate while switching frequencies. InstaCal gives the user the most precise one-step calibration procedure. Also, limit lines and alarming give the user reference standards.

The MT8213E Cell Master spectrum analyzer has various sweep detection methods, different traces and control, advanced marker abilities, gated sweep, and a save-on event. One-button measurements ensure that making measurements is a quick and simple process. With these functions, the RF engineer/technician has complete control over the MT8213E’s features and settings.

The MT8213E power meter uses the spectrum analyzer and can also use an optional high accuracy power meter, but needs external power sensors for that capability. In order to get exact measurements, the user simply has to choose the high accuracy measurement option with a choice of sensors.


Model MT8213E
Series Cell Master
Type Base Station Analyzer
Frequency Range 9 kHz to 6 GHz
Dynamic Range > 102 dB (2.4 GHz)
Battery Life 3 hours
Display 8.4 in. TFT color
RF Connector N female
Dimensions 10.7 x 7.8 x 3.6 in.
Weight 8.2 lbs.
Option 21 2-Port Transmission Measurement
Option 10 High Voltage Variable Bias Tee
Option 31 GPS Built-in Receiver (Required Antenna sold separately)
Option 413 Ethernet Connectivity
Option 19 High Accuracy Power Meter (Needs USB Power Sensor)
Option 25 Interference Analyzer (Option 31 suggested)
Option 27 Channel Scanner
Option 431 Coverage Mapping (needs Option 31)
Option 444 EMF Measurement System
Option 90 Gated Sweep
Option 28 C/W Signal Generator (Requires CW Signal Generator Kit, P/N 69793)
Option 880 GSM/EDGE Measurements
Option 881 W-CDMA/HSPA+ Measurements (Option 31 suggested)
Option 882 TD-SCDMA/HSPA+ Measurements (Needs Option 31)
Option 883 LTE/LTE-A FDD/TDD Measurements (Needs Option 31)
Option 884 CDMA/EV-DO Measurements (Needs Option 31)
Option 885 WiMAX Fixed/Mobile Measurements (Needs Option 31)
Option 30 ISDB-T Digital Video Measurements
Option 32 ISDB-T SFN Measurements
Option 79 ISDB-T BER Measurements (Needs Option 30; Cannot be ordered with Option 751)
Option 64 DVB-T/H Digital Video Measurements
Option 78 DVB-T/H SFN Measurements
Option 57 DVB-T/H BER Measurements (Needs Option 64. Cannot be ordered with Option 751)
Option 752 CPRI LTE RF Software (Needs option 759)
Option 753 OBSAI LTE RF Software (Needs option 759)
Option 759 RF Over Fiber Hardware (Must be ordered with option 752 or 753)
Option 98 Standard Calibration
Option 99 Premium Calibration

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