Kikusui electronics Corp. PCR1000L AC Power Supply with a color display

Product Description

Kikusui Electronics Corp. PCR1000L AC Power Supply

The Kikusui PCR1000L is a Single-Phase, 1k VA, Multi-Purpose AC Power Supply (CV-CF). This model is rated to provide 10A or 5A maximum output current while operating at 100V or 200V respectively. This power supply comes with different output modes, which are AC mode, DC mode, and an optional mode called combined AC + DC mode. The Kikusui PCR1000L features dual output ranges of 100 V / 200V.

This model comes equipped with a high-speed power amp system. Thus, it is designed to provide high-purity voltage with an input and output voltage fluctuation within ± 0.1% and ± 0.1 / ±0.2 (100V / 200V range) respectively. This model`s output frequency fluctuation remains within ± 0.3%.  This model comes with a broad operating range for input voltage that makes it compatible for worldwide specifications. The operating input voltage range is AC85 to 132/170 to 250V 47/63 Hz.

The Kikusui PCR1000L comes with a broad setting range for output frequency as well. Its setting range is 1 to 999.99 Hz. The available setting resolution is 0.01 Hz for 1.00 to 99.99 Hz modulation and 0.1 Hz for 100.00 to 999.9 Hz. The Kikusui PCR1000L is a function-rich model, since it offers several values adding functions such as: a Sensing Function, Synchronous Function, Key-Lock Function, and a Memory Function. Its protective functions include internal circuit protection for protection against overheating and input voltage range protection. This power supply also has an overload protective function. This model has a powerful control panel display unit with a color, large fluorescent display.


Technical Specifications

Model PCR1000L
Manufacturer Kikusui Electronics Corp.
Type AC Power Supply
Output Capacity 1kVA
Max. Current 10 A/5 A
Size Type B
Weight 49 kg.
Warranty One Year Warranty
PCR1000L Manual User Manual and Maintenance Manual Available for Download
Price Contact a sales representative for a quote.