S331D – Anritsu

The S331D Site Master is a Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer created by Anritsu. This model can save 300 trace memory locations and has a Type N female RF Connector.

Product Description

Item #: S331D
Manufacturer: Anritsu
Series: Site Master

S331D by Anritsu is a Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer in the Site Master series. S331D features an Output Power of 0 dBm (typical) and a Battery Life of 1.5 hours.

The Anritsu S331D Site Master is a handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer created for contractors, installers, and wireless service providers in need of a durable, portable cable and antenna analyzer. Integrated Distance-to-Fault measurement can be implemented to find the exact position of a fault in the feedline system. The S331D measures VSWR, Return Loss, and Cable Loss for cable and antenna systems. The battery life is 1.5 hours, but there are built-in energy saving features which can prolong use.

The S331D Site Master has two options which can be added: a high accuracy power meter (Option 19) and a power monitor (Option 5). Option 19 completes high accuracy terminating or inline power measurements. Option 5 completes precise broadband power measurements with an external detector.

With the software tools installed on the S331D, the user can download as many as 300 trace memory locations with one menu click. Custom reports can be generated. The user can utilize the Product Update feature to ensure they continue to have the newest firmware. Custom signal standards and cable lists can be generated and changed as the user sees fit. The Intelligent Trace Renaming feature lets the user rename hundreds of traces quickly, saving hours. The group edit function enables the user to duplicate limit lines and markers from a single trace to every trace in a designated folder. Also, historical records can be constructed with an infinite amount of traces in a single document. The Anritsu S331D software tools will work on any computer with Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP/Vista.


Frequency Range 25 MHz to 4 GHz
Sweep Speed 2.5 msec/data point
Display TFT color
Output Power 0 dBm (typical)
Battery Life 1.5 hours
RF Connector N female
Dimensions 10.0 in x 7.0 in x 2.4 in
Option 5 Power Monitor (needs external detector)
Option 19 Hig Accuracy Power Meter (sensor not included)
Option 2 2 MHz Frequency Extension
Option 16 6 GHz Frequency Extension, Cable and Antenna Analyzer
Option 29 Power Meter, Internal
Option 31 GPS (needs GPS Antenna)
Option 50 T1/E1 Analyzer)