S332D – Anritsu

The S332D is a Cable and Antenna Analzyer by Anritsu. This model can store 200 traces and has a Type N female RF Connector.

Product Description

Item #: S332D
Manufacturer: Anritsu
Series: Site Master

S332D by Anritsu is a Cable and Antenna Analyzer in the Site Master series. S332D features Battery Life of 1.5 hours, and a Weight of <5.0 lbs.

The Anritsu S332D Site Master Cable and Antenna Analyzer allows field engineers and technicians to swiftly spot and resolve RF system issues such as interference, coverage, and other path related signal issues. The S332D lets the user discover, identify, save, and solve communication systems issues swiftly and precisely. The model has one-button measurements for channel power, field strength, occupied bandwidth, Carrier-to-Interference, Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR), and interference assessment. These measurements are progressively more important for modern wireless communications systems. The interface is easy to use for complicated measurements and greatly decreases test time, while boosting analyzer usability.

The Anritsu S332D is ideal for use in the field because it is compact, portable, and tough enough to handle any environment. The model has a daylight-viewable color TFT display to specify measurements with graphics. The LCD contrast and backlight intensity can be changed for better viewing in darker environments. The shown trace can be scaled or boosted with limit lines or frequency markers. The device will emit a beeping noise when it has gone over the limit value.

With the interference analysis function, the S332D can help the user recognize signal types from cell sites. If an unknown signal is an issue, type in the frequency of the signal as the “IA Frequency” and press “Measure.” The S332D Site Master will check the bandwidth and skirt shape. Then, if the signal is a recognized type, it will provide the name of the air interface standard and the bandwidth. If the signal is not a recognized type, only the bandwidth will be provided.


Frequency Range 25 MHz to 4 GHz
Internal Trace Memory 200 traces
Display VGA monochrome
Battery Life 1.5 hours
Weight < 5.0 lbs.
RF Connector N female
Dimensions 10.0 x 7.0 x 2.4 in.
Option 2 2 MHz Frequency Extension
Option 5 Power Monitor (requires external detector)
Option 6 Frequency Converter Control Module Interface
Option 10A Bias Tee
Option 16 6 GHz Frequency Extension, Cable and Antenna Analyzer
Option 19 High Accuracy Power Meter (sensor not included)
Option 21 Transmission Measurement
Option 25 Interference Analyzer (needs directional antenna)
Option 27 Channel Scanner
Option 28 CW Signal Generator (needs CW Signal Generator Kit)
Option 29 Power Meter, Internal
Option 31 GPS (needs GPS Antenna)