S361E – Anritsu

The S361E Site Master is a Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer designed by Anritsu. The S361E has an 8.4 inch daylight viewable display and a Type N female RF Connector.

Product Description

Item #: S361E
Manufacturer: Anritsu
Series: Site Master

S361E by Anritsu is a Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer in the Site Master series. S361E features a Battery Life of 4.5 hours and a Weight of 6.0 lbs.

The S361E Site Master Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer manufactured by Anritsu weighs less than six pounds, has a battery that lasts approximately 4.5 hours and can be swapped out in the field, a daylight viewable color display, and can withstand a broad temperature range and continue operating smoothly. The S361E can be configured to comprise: a spectrum analyzer, high accuracy power meter, interference analyzer with spectrogram displays, 2-port transmission measurement with built-in 32V bias tee, power meter, a channel scanner, and a GPS receiver for position and time stamping.

The Distance-to-Fault (DTF) feature is utilized to troubleshoot systems and discover the issue. The Anritsu S361E’s DTF measurement uses the fast Fourier transform to change frequency data to the time domain and shows signal irregularities, while considering distance as well. The standard trace math function allows the user to watch tiny comparative variations over an extended period. An additional feature of the S361E Site Master is the remarkable displayed average noise level. Since the S361E has a built-in pre-amp, better than -152 dBm DANL can usually be attained in 10 Hz RBW and -162 dBm while standardized to 1 Hz. This ability is detrimental while searching for low-level interference signals.

On the Anritsu S361E, six standard and six delta markers can be shown with a marker table which can be turned on when necessary. This Site Master has limit lines for every user level. Solitary limit lines and segmented limit lines can be generated in a single step with the one-button limit envelope feature.


Frequency Range 2 MHz to 6 GHz
Sweep Time 50 µs to 50 ms
Display 8.4 in. daylight viewable
Battery Life 4.5 hours
Weight 6.0 lbs.
RF Connector N female
Dimensions 10.7 x 7.8 x 3.6 in.
Option 21 2-Port Transmission Measurement
Option 10 Bias-Tee (needs Option 21)
Option 19 High-Accuracy Power Meter (requires External Power Sensor)
Option 31 GPS Receiver (needs Antenna)
Option 413 Ethernet Connectivity
Option 752 2 CPRI LTE RF Measurements (requires Option 759)
Option 753 OBSAI LTE RF Measurements (requires Option 759)
Option 759 RF over Fiber hardware (requires Option 752 or 753)
Option 98 Standard Calibration (ANSI 2540-1-1994)
Option 99 Premium Calibration to Z540 plus test data