P5050 – Tektronix

The P5050 Passive Voltage Probe is manufactured by Tektronix. The P5050 has a 1.3 meter cable length and a compensation range from 16 pF to 22 pF.

Product Description

Item #: P5050

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Series: Voltage Passive Probes

P5050 by Tektronix is a Probe in the Voltage Passive Probes series. P5050 features an Attenuation of 10X ± 0.5% at DC and an Input Resistance of 10 MΩ ± 0.5% at DC.

The Tektronix P5050 High Performance Passive Voltage Probe is well-suited for high and low frequency measurements in applications such as manufacturing, design, and service. This probe is created to deliver 500 MHz bandwidth at the probe tip for the Tektronix TDS5000 Series of Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes. The P5050 has numerous benefits: tiny geometry tips for simpler circuit access and small accessories, among others. The tiny probe tips and light cable assemblies permit simple negotiation of thick circuitry or difficult to reach areas. The small accessories (3.5 mm) for this model are compatible with current adapters. Additionally, the HYBRID/SMT circuitry on this passive voltage probe delivers enhanced performance and dependability.

The specifications of the Tektronix P5050 include the following: 1.3 meter cable length, 500 MHz bandwidth, 10X attenuation, 16 pF to 22 pF compensation range, 11.1 C pF input, 10 MΩ system input resistance, and 300 VRMS CATII input voltage. The flexible, light cable is simple to use and decreases mechanical stress to device under test, while the modularity of the P5050 allows for an economical cost for the user. This passive voltage probe also has a tinier probe head/cable assembly than typical passive probes, which is an added benefit to each of the probes in this series.

When modifying the Tektronix P5050 Passive Voltage Probe, it is highly recommended to use the Philips head adjustment tool which comes with the probe to prevent harming the trimmer. An important fact to note is that adjustment tools from other probe models may not be compatible with the P5050 probe. 



Manufacturer Tektronix
Part Number P5050
Series Voltage Passive Probes
Type Probe
Attenuation 10X ± 0.5% at DC
Input Resistance 10 MΩ ± 0.5% at DC
Cable Length 1.3 meters
Compensation Range 16 pF to 22 pF
Typical Rise Time 0.8 nsec, 10% to 90% with TDS5000 series, ≥ 50 mV / div
Weight <0.24 lb.