P6137 – Tektronix

The P6137 Passive Voltage Probe is designed by Tektronix. The P6137 has a 1.5 meter cable and weighs 3.9 ounces.

Product Description

Item #: P6137

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Series: Passive Voltage Probes

P6137 by Tektronix is a Passive Probe in the Passive Voltage Probes series. P6137 features an Attenuation of 10X ±1% at DC and an Input Impedance of 10 M shunted by 10.8 pF at DC.

The P6137 Passive Voltage Probe created by Tektronix is ideal for performing high-frequency and low-frequency relative measurements in the following types of applications: manufacturing, design, and service. This model has a 1.5 meter cable, a bandwidth of 400 MHz, an attenuation of 10X, a comp. range of 12 to 18 pF, and an input C of 10.8. The input voltage is 400 VDC + pkAC. The system input resistance for this model is 10 MΩ. This Passive Voltage Probe can be used in combination with the Tektronix 2400 Series of Oscilloscopes (2432/A/M, 2440/MU, 2445B, 2465B, and 2467B/HD). The P6137 is also completely compatible with the Tektronix compact probe accessories. The Tektronix P6137 Passive Voltage Probe is compact and light; it weighs only 3.9 ounces. The recommended operating temperature range for this probe is -15 to +65 degrees C to ensure that the specifications are met.

Since there are differences in oscilloscope input characteristics, probe low-frequency compensation must be checked and changed after moving the probe from one input to the next. To change low-frequency compensation, a 1 kHz square-wave signal must be applied to the probe tip. Then, utilize a low-reactance alignment tool to change the probe’s compensation capacitor through the hole in the compensation box to gather the squarest waveform at the corner on the front. High-frequency compensation, on the other hand, usually does not need to be changed. If the probe has issues such as a bandwidth that is not adequate or extreme high-frequency irregularities, then it should be changed.


Manufacturer Tektronix
Part Number P6137
Series Passive Voltage Probes
Type Passive Probe
Attenuation 10X ±1% at DC
Input Impedance 10 M shunted by 10.8 pF at DC
Compensation Range 12 pF to 18 pF
Maximum non-destructive input voltage 500 V (DC + peak AC) to 1.3 MHz
Probe cable length 5 feet
Weight 3.9 oz.