TPP0500 – Tektronix

The TPP0500 Passive Voltage Probe by Tektronix has 10X attenuation and a TekVPI interface.

Product Description

Item #: TPP0500

Manufacturer: Tektronix
Series: Passive Voltage Probes

TPP0500 by Tektronix is a Passive Voltage Probe. TPP0500 features a bandwidth (-3 dB) of 500 MHz and a system rise time (typical) of <700 ps.

The TPP0500 Passive Voltage Probe designed by Tektronix is ideal for several types of applications, including, but not limited to: research and development, service, low power devices, and manufacturing engineering assessments. This probe is a high bandwidth, general purpose probe, which is created to be utilized with the Tektronix MSO/DPO4000B and MSO/DPO5000 Series oscilloscopes. The Tektronix TPP0500 Probe comes equipped with various useful features, such as replaceable probe tip cartridges, numerous accessories for flexible linking, less than 4 pF input capacitance, 10X attenuation, a TekVPI Interface, and 500 MHz bandwidth.

When used with the Tektronix oscilloscopes mentioned previously, this probe will deliver coherent communication that automatically scales and alters units on the oscilloscope display to equate to the probe attenuation. Another feature on the TPP0500 is the built-in AC compensation to enhance the signal path throughout the complete frequency range. The tip of the probe is unyielding for stable device-under-test linking. The small probe head is well-suited for probing tiny geometry circuit elements, while the tiny probe body provides heightened visibility to the device-under-test.

The TPP0500 Passive Voltage Probe comes equipped with the advantages of general purpose probes, such as versatile linking options, a high dynamic range, and sturdy structure. However, this probe also has the performance of an active probe, ensuring that it is a great option for many applications. The Tektronix TPP0500 Probe’s 500 MHz bandwidth enables the user to view the high frequency components in the signal. This feature is imperative for high-speed applications. Lastly, the low capacitive loading reduces effects on the circuits and is easier to operate with longer ground leads.


Manufacturer Tektronix
Part Number TPP0500
Series Passive Voltage Probes
Type Passive Probe
Bandwidth (-3 dB) 500 MHz
System Rise Time (typical) <700 ps
Maximum Input Voltage 300 VRMS CAT II
Cable Length 1.3 m ±3 cm
System Input Capacitance Rigid tip: 3.9 pF ±0.3 pF; Pogo pin tip: 5.1 pF ±0.5 pF
System Attenuation Accuracy 10:1 ±2.2%